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Commercial LitigationOur attorneys are often called on to handle a broad spectrum of litigation issues, including business, construction, and commercial litigation.  As an added advantage to our clients, the firm’s other specialty departments can call upon us to provide needed advice and support when necessary. 

And while we pride ourselves in service and expertise extended after a case goes to trial, our primary goal is to see that it does not go that far.  That is why we try to anticipate and avoid costly, time-consuming litigation by thoroughly evaluating the potential for litigation in the early stages of business planning and contract negotiations. 

For while we enjoy a reputation for providing aggressive representation once litigation has begun, we also understand that litigation is often not the first or best option in dispute resolution.  Our clients may also take comfort in the fact that, in addition to having experience in virtually every form of litigation, our trial lawyers are also highly experienced in arbitration and mediation.

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